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The Key Hotel (Ending)

Page by Awsome Guy

Meta's Sprites (by Meta Knight the Hedgehog, the one and only)

Noah's Sprites (by NoahTH, he's green)

Da J Man's Sprites (by Da J Man, no comment)

808 Sprites (by me! awsome guy!)

Coda Sprites (also by me!)

Matt the Fox (by Matt the Fox, why a fox?)

Dusk the Sableye (matt's pokemon)

Omega Sprites (by guess who? Steaming Bullet... i really didn't see that coming)

Slade and his bulbasaur (by dark soniic... bulbasaur really?)

Shade's Sprites (By Yoshi700

Sillouette Sprites (ditto)

Yami (by Chrono Z, looks like bass's cloak to me)

Brokor (by guess who? Brokor)

Now someones gonna PM me telling me that I missed their sprites